3 Famous Scientists Who Overcame Adversity

For many students, one of the most significant barriers to success in STEM is personal motivation and self-esteem. The perceived difficulty of STEM subjects is one of the primary obstacles that dissuades many students from pursuing a career in science, math, engineering, or technology. For many students, the lofty accomplishments of the world’s greatest scientists can make even a rudimentary understanding seem out of reach. However, a recent study found that by offering a little more insight int...

4 of the Best Moments from the 31st Annual EHTP Spring Benefit

At its annual Spring Benefit, students, staff, family members, and supporters of the East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP) gather to recognize the organization’s past year of service to the East Harlem community. The event provides an opportunity for the nonprofit’s leaders and stakeholders to look back on its recent accomplishments, recognizing the innovative programs and dedicated personnel that have provided countless new opportunities for low-income youth. At the same time, the benefit shines ...

Charles Phillips Included on List of Most Influential Philanthropists of Color

America has been a melting pot of people, cultures, and ideas since its inception, and with each passing year, our nation only grows more diverse. It is likely that, by 2050, over half of all Americans will be of non-white ethnic descent. As our country’s demographics shift, people of color are having an increasingly greater impact on the philanthropy sector. In the United States, philanthropic organizations receive the vast majority of their financial support from individual contributions. A...