4 Ways EHTP Is Empowering the Leaders of the Future

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Phillips Charitable Organizations (PCO) is dedicated to helping individuals overcome financial obstacles to success and personal fulfillment. With the majority of its philanthropic endeavors focused on assisting single parents, injured veterans, and engineering students, the nonprofit has drawn on its resources to support a variety of charitable initiatives and partner organizations. One such grou...

Business Leaders Hope to Inspire Students with Free Hidden Figures Tickets

The film Hidden Figures has recently taken the United States by storm, garnering critical acclaim and soaring to the top of the US box office. Released on December 25, 2016, the biographical drama tells the inspiring true story of three African American women whose contributions to NASA research helped to develop the foundation for the United States space program. Referred to as “human computers,”...

Working Mom of Three Gets Helping Hand from Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable

Brandy Stadel is a single mom living in Illinois. She works hard at her job, but she’s had a difficult time making ends meet, especially since her hours are cut back during the winter. Ms. Stadel recently gave birth to her third child, and her bills keep growing. She rents a small one-bedroom trailer, but has fallen hundreds of dollars behind on her rent, with little relief in sight. The grant ...