Phillips Charitable Organization Donates $25,000 to One Bead

The Phillips Charitable Organization, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit known for its work with veterans, engineering students, and single parents, recently donated $25,000 to One Bead, an organization founded by Sara Wroblewski. While traveling in Nairobi, Kenya, Wroblewski met Anselm Croze, a local artisan who challenged her to raise $6,000 in support of a local school. She developed the idea of designing and selling beads made by hand from recycled glass, laying the foundation for One Bead. Today, One...

Working Mom of Three Gets Helping Hand from Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable

Brandy Stadel is a single mom living in Illinois. She works hard at her job, but she’s had a difficult time making ends meet, especially since her hours are cut back during the winter. Ms. Stadel recently gave birth to her third child, and her bills keep growing. She rents a small one-bedroom trailer, but has fallen hundreds of dollars behind on her rent, with little relief in sight. The grant that Ms. Stadel has received from PCO will help her get back on feet and catch up on her rent and bi...

Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Assists Single Mom with Disability

Jennifer Kelly is a single mom of a teenager living in New Jersey. Ms. Kelly’s eyesight is extremely poor, to the point where she is almost completely blind during the day and totally blind at night. Because of her disability, she is unable to work or drive a car. However, Ms. Kelly makes sacrifices for her family—she saved her money to buy her daughter a bed while she sleeps on the couch. Recently, Ms. Kelly and her daughter were ordered to leave their apartment within a short period of time...