4 of the Best Moments from the 31st Annual EHTP Spring Benefit

At its annual Spring Benefit, students, staff, family members, and supporters of the East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP) gather to recognize the organization’s past year of service to the East Harlem community. The event provides an opportunity for the nonprofit’s leaders and stakeholders to look back on its recent accomplishments, recognizing the innovative programs and dedicated personnel that have provided countless new opportunities for low-income youth. At the same time, the benefit shines ...

How to Encourage More Diversity in STEM Fields

The areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics provide an ever-growing number of professional opportunities. As many as 20 percent of all American jobs fall within STEM sectors, and while job growth in non-STEM fields is likely to grow by 12 percent over the next decade, STEM positions will outpace this growth at a rate of 17 percent. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that STEM fields will create 1 million new jobs by 2022. In addition to spearheading innov...

How to Get Students Excited about STEM

In 2007, a research commission led by the Carnegie Foundation concluded that a strong educational foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is one of the most important factors in ensuring America’s lasting competitiveness in the global economy. However, numerous studies have since demonstrated that the United States is experiencing a noticeable gap in STEM skills and employment. As technological innovation and scientific research progress at unprecedented speeds, fu...